Remembering her

We lost a dear family member last week. She was amiable, when she walked into the room you could feel her warmth as if the sun was gently kissing your cheeks. Her eyes were tired, you could tell she had a long story deep within her. Her hair was shoulder length and black as coal. She was tall yet quite petite. Her heart seemed damaged but still over filled with love. She made an impression on me the first time I met her. She ran up and hugged me as if she had known me forever. She wrapped her arms around me tight slowly rocking side to side, comforting me. The way she carried herself was so bold. She was who she was, and you could feel her confidence beaming out of her. It inspired me. I have never seen someone so content with their challenges. She talked to me about some of her struggles. She was the first person that understood me in a way I thought no one else would. It is refreshing to talk to someone and feel like there is nothing holding you back. She helped me feel free. She opened me up to the idea that your challenges guide you and build you. No matter how hard something may seem you are always so much stronger than the situation. She asked my mom to do a tarot reading for her. We ran up into my moms room, the three of us laid on her squishy memory foam bed. As my mom began to read the cards she began to cry. There were so many emotions on her face. Fear, sadness, happiness, and hope. I could tell she had been through her own personal hell. She wanted to escape it but its grip felt too strong to break. She was one of the strongest woman I have ever met. She was so beautifully brave like a rose in a hurricane, knowing the storm could take her down but kept blooming anyway. I only knew her for a little while but I will always cherish the few moments we shared together. She helped motivate me to write this blog and made me realize I should never be embarrassed by my mental illnesses. I should embrace them and be proud of what I have had to overcome. She will be greatly missed and always remembered well.

Photo by Joshua Harris on Unsplash

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