“Day 71”

It has been a great couple of days but boy am I tired! My boyfriend had the weekend off so we got to spend the day together and hang out. We got up early to see if we could do a walk in at a tattoo shop. We got there one minute after opening and all the artists were already booked for the day. We were bummed but ending having an awesome day anyway! We went to Mellow Mushroom for lunch, their cheese bread is seriously to die for. Then we went to the animal shelter and played with all the adorable little puppies. I wish I would of taken pictures of them since they all need a home. Next we went shopping, my boyfriend decided to surprise me and buy me an Apple Watch. I was shocked. I did not expect it at all, I nearly fainted when I saw the total. I kept telling him it wasn’t too late to return it and he insisted he got it for me. It was so sweet and unexpected.

Sunday we got up and for the first time in a few months I managed to go to church. It was so weird because the sermon was over Genesis. The preacher was talking about how the past does not control your future. It really hit home for me, because I feel weighted down by my past quite often. It felt amazing just to hear that everything in the past happened for a reason but all of the negative experiences of your past do not control your future. After church we went to lunch and then went home for a few hours. Then I texted my mom and requested she made my favorite dinner. She made me cracker chicken and mashed potatoes. I was so fat and happy!

Today I went over to my moms and detail cleaned her kitchen and started decorating for my brothers birthday party that is tomorrow. I am so excited because it is Mardi Gras themed and it gives me the perfect excuse to play with makeup!

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